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Jethro 1.6.0 Released

By Jethro on April 21, 2016


The main themes of Jethro 1.6.0 are concurrency and new range-index features.

Concurrency features are:

  • Reuse of results when the same “where” clause is used by multiple queries, in order to reduce resource consumption and increase concurrency.

  • Enhanced locking infrastructure to protect against deadlocks during high load.

  • Increase the maximum number of threads allocated by the operating system to be used by the Jethro services

Range Indexes:

This new feature allows you to create special indexes for ranges of values.  This significantly increases the performance of queries that employ wide range of column values in filters.

Full list of version issues can be found on our release notes page: http://jethro.io/release-notes/

Updated documentation: https://jethrodownload.s3.amazonaws.com/JethroReferenceGuide.pdf