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Why the Name Jethro?

By Jethro on February 18, 2013



Hint: it has to do with biblical models of distributed adjudication.

Boaz and Ronen had been working for some time on this great technology, an analytic database for big data. This was later to become our Jethro DB. But they had no name for it. The inspiration for the name came from Boaz”s brother, Yair, who told them the story of Jethro.

Jethro was Moses” father in law. When Moses began to lead the Israelites, he discovered that adjudicating (making formal judgments or decisions about problems or disputed matters) them was a proving to be a huge task he could not perform alone: people were standing in line all day to bring their matters so that Moses could adjudicate their disputes. Jethro saw his son in law had a problem and offered good advice. He counseled Moses to distribute the work. First he should make the law known and then delegate adjudication to capable and trustworthy men that will serve as chiefs, only bringing the most difficult matters to Moses.

When thinking of big data analysis, Boaz and Ronen were seized by the thought that Jethro”s distributed adjudication model was a nice metaphor to explain the new database”s scalable architecture and decided to call the database Jethro, as a homage to inventing the distributed work model thousands of years ago. That is how the name “Jethro Data” was born.