This, like any other document of its ilk, is only useful when it is considered a living document. We at JethroData are committed to keeping this document up to date and will release new versions as new best practices get discovered and existing best practices get better.

This document mainly focuses on Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. The underpinnings that we will be focusing on are the same between the two software packages – VizQL. To boil down the purpose of this document, it would be to show how to make VizQL work in the best way possible with Jethro. This is not as easy of a task as my last statement suggests since you cannot directly access the VizQL directly from Desktop or Server. To be more precise, you cannot edit the queries that Tableau sends to Jethro. To affect the queries, you need to edit, or re-author Tableau Data Connections and Tableau Workbooks.