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SQL-on-Hadoop, BI-on-Hadoop, Big Data, Interactive Business Intelligence, SQL Query Acceleration and Everything in between.

Slides for Symphony Health + Jethro Presentation at Qlik Qonnections 2017

By Remy Rosenbaum on May 30, 2017

Jethro CEO Eli Singer Discusses Transitioning from Traditional Data Warehouses to the Modern Big Data Era

By Remy Rosenbaum on April 25, 2017

Learn how Jethro delivers interactive BI on Big Data with existing BI apps like Tableau, Qlik and MicroStrategy. Jethro eliminates the need for data engineering workarounds. With Jethro achieve real-time query response times with a live connection to your big data at the source—without the need for...

Don’t Jump from the BI on Hadoop Ship Just Yet—You'll Find Challenges Moving Business Intelligence Elsewhere

By Remy Rosenbaum on March 28, 2017

After just five short years in the spotlight, tech experts are calling for the death of Hadoop. For many, it seems like Hadoop is already going the way of legacy applications—it’s not going any time soon, but many business leaders are seeing it as more of a necessary evil than the miracle it once...

Jethro 3.0 Sneak Peek Webinar

By Remy Rosenbaum on March 03, 2017

Find out how Jethro 3.0 delivers enterprise interactive Business Intelligence on Big Data.

Join Jethro CEO Eli Singer & CTO Boaz Raufman as they reveal how Jethro 3.0 is now the first all-in-one enterprise platform to power BI on Big Data.

Webinar: Advancing From Tableau Extracts to Live Connect on Hadoop

By Remy Rosenbaum on November 04, 2016

Learn how Jethro overcomes Hadoop latency pitfalls to deliver interactive Tableau on Hadoop

In this on-demand webinar hosted by Jethro CEO Eli Singer, you will learn the benefits of “live connect” vs “extracts in Tableau and understand the performance pitfalls involved. Jethro CEO Eli Singer...

David Freriks and Remy Rosenbaum Chat About Qlik and Jethro at Strata Hadoop NYC 2016

By Remy Rosenbaum on September 29, 2016

Qlik Technology Evangelist David Freriks chats with Jethro Head of Marketing Remy Rosenbaum at Strata + Hadoop World NYC 2016.