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Boaz Discusses Auto Micro-Cubes at Strata Hadoop NYC 2016

By Remy Rosenbaum on September 28, 2016

Jethro CTO Boaz Raufman discusses how auto micro-cubes in Jethro 2.0 work in tandem with indexing and caching to deliver a consistently fast BI on Hadoop experience. This interview is from September 28, 2016 at the Strata + Hadoop World NYC 2016 convention.

Strata Hadoop NYC 2016

By Remy Rosenbaum on September 22, 2016

Strata Hadoop NYC

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On-demand Webinar: Leveraging Auto Microcubes in Jethro 2.0

By Remy Rosenbaum on September 16, 2016

In this on-demand webinar, Jethro CTO Boaz Raufman and Jethro CEO Eli Singer discuss the performance benefits of adding auto microcubes to the processing framework in Jethro 2.0. They discuss how the auto microcubes working in tandem with full indexing and a smart caching engine deliver a...

Delivering a Consistent Interactive Business Intelligence Experience

By Remy Rosenbaum on September 12, 2016

Say you’re an analyst using Tableau with live-connect to Hadoop to visualize and analyze your glorious big data—somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,879,987,999 rows. A few clicks and drags later and you’re glued to your desk staring at the loading spinner of doom and gloom wondering if your...

Hadoop Cheat Sheet

By Remy Rosenbaum on August 18, 2016

We put together a Hadoop deployment cheat sheet so you can learn some tips and tricks to make your next Hadoop deployment that much more successful.

Hadoop Webinar: Making Business Intelligence Work on Hadoop

By Remy Rosenbaum on August 11, 2016

Learn how Jethro seamlessly integrates with BI tools to achieve interactive BI on Hadoop