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Jethro for Tableau Launch

By Remy Rosenbaum on October 21, 2015


Jethro to Release Beta of Jethro for Tableau, Empowering People Using Tableau With Massive Tables to Interactively Analyze Tableau Data Visualizations.

New York, NY — October 21, 2015

Jethro, provider of an index-based SQL engine developed for the unique requirements of business intelligence (BI), today announced the release of a beta version exclusively for Tableau. “Jethro for Tableau” is crafted specifically for Tableau users whose database performance paralyzes their dashboards and workbooks because their big data, typically multi-billion-row tables and beyond, is too big to visualize in-memory. Jethro for Tableau acts as an acceleration layer that speeds up queries to real-time speeds so that Tableau visualizations display 500% to 5000% faster.1 This speed increase empowers Tableau users to interactively analyze big data in order to gain crucial business insights. The software will be available at the Tableau Conference on October 19th in Las Vegas, NV.

The Jethro for Tableau acceleration layer is unobtrusively sandwiched between Tableau and the existing data source and speeds up Tableau visualizations by 500%-5000%* without putting any additional burden on the data source. Architecturally, Jethro for Tableau is a SQL engine that combines indexing technology, a modern column store database design and intelligent caching into a unified solution that addresses the growing business need for storing vast amounts of data while delivering lightning-fast queries. It transparently integrates with Tableau through a standard ODBC/JDBC interface and is compatible with any storage system such as Hadoop, Amazon and other EFSs.

“Jethro for Tableau combines the strengths of Tableau’s excellent analytics and visualization with the exceptional speed of a full-index data engine,” notes Eli Singer, CEO, Jethro. “This fusion delivers a novel tool that will enable customers to expand the use of their Tableau to datasets that are of a larger and ever-growing magnitude of order.”


1Demonstrated via independent TPC-DS live benchmark on 2.9 billion rows of data against competing SQL solutions. See live benchmark at http://tableau.jethrodata.com