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Solving Common BI on Hadoop Performance Pitfalls

By Arthur Adams on April 04, 2017


Don’t Jump from the BI on Hadoop Ship Just Yet—You'll Find Challenges Moving Business Intelligence Elsewhere

By Remy Rosenbaum on March 28, 2017

After just five short years in the spotlight, tech experts are calling for the death of Hadoop. For many, it seems like Hadoop is already going the way of legacy applications—it’s not going any time soon, but many business leaders are seeing it as more of a necessary evil than the miracle it once...

Jethro 3.0 Sneak Peek Webinar

By Remy Rosenbaum on March 03, 2017

Find out how Jethro 3.0 delivers enterprise interactive Business Intelligence on Big Data.

Join Jethro CEO Eli Singer & CTO Boaz Raufman as they reveal how Jethro 3.0 is now the first all-in-one enterprise platform to power BI on Big Data.

On-Demand Webinar: How Tata Communications Uses Jethro to Deliver Interactive BI on Hadoop

By Jethro on January 20, 2017

Learn how Tata Communications CDN overcame Hadoop latency pitfalls to deliver its end users a BOI dashboard on a shared Hadoop data lake with thousands of concurrent users that works at interactive speed.

This on-demand webinar is hosted by Tata Communications CDN Head of Engineering, Samik...

Easy Steps for Jethro Deployment

By Arthur Adams on December 20, 2016

Install and Create Instance

Set up a server

Jethro runs on a Linux server. Typical deployment requires a RedHat/CentOS server with 128 GB of RAM, 16 CPU cores and 500GB of disk space.

5 Reasons Business Intelligence on Hadoop Projects Fail

By Jethro on December 06, 2016

Hadoop has its own set of constraints and problems, and when you throw BI into the mix it's a whole other ballgame. As companies move their EDW to Hadoop, they expect to be able to migrate their analytical applications as well. While workloads such as ETL, predictive analytics and machine...